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Biological Agents
Biological agents are organisms or toxins that have illness-producing effects on people, livestock and crops. Because biological agents cannot necessarily be detected and may take time to grow and cause a disease, it is almost impossible to know that a biological attack has occurred. If government officials become aware of a biological attack through an informant or warning by terrorists, they would most likely instruct citizens to either seek shelter where they are and seal the premises or evacuate immediately. A person affected by a biological agent requires the immediate attention of professional medical personnel. Some agents are contagious, and victims may need to be quarantined. Also, some medical facilities may not receive victims for fear of contaminating the hospital population.

Chemical Agents
Chemical weapons are easy to produce but not that easy to use. Their effectiveness is limited, for instance, by their age and purity, how they're dispersed, quantity and even weather conditions, such as wind direction. They also pose a danger to those attempting to disperse the chemicals.


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