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Characteristics of Likely Chemical-Bioterrorism Agents

Good Infectivity
The capability of entering, surviving in, and multiplying in humans, animals, etc.

High Virulence
The ability of an organism to cause disease.

High Toxicity
The quality of being poisonous.

High Pathogenicity
The ability of an organism to damage the host (human, animal).

Short Incubation Period
The time between the moment of inoculation (exposure to the agent) to the development of symptoms of a particular illness.

High Transmissibility
The capability of being transmitted (spread) from one person to another.

High Lethality
The capability of causing death.

High Stability
How long an agent stays active in an environment.

Low Effective Dose
The amount of an agent needed to obtain the desired result or intended illness / death./font>


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