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Public Preparedness

Because many of the diseases associated with bioterrorism are relatively rare, many medical professionals have never seen a clinical presentation of these diseases. Medical professionals, hospital staff and especially emergency room staff are expected to be the first to come in contact with victims of a bioterrorism event and are critical in the detection of an outbreak. The PHEPR Program is continuously working to provide resources that will help train medical professionals to recognize symptoms that would indicate these suspect diseases.

Be prepared! During an emergency, health care workers will need to be available to care for patients. Being prepared will make it easier for you to deal with emergencies.

Personal Preparedness: What would you do if you had to stay at the office for several days?

  • Have emergency food and water, clothes and bedding in your trunk.
  • Have emergency supplies in your office.
  • Protecting you and your family.

Family Preparedness:
What would your family do if you could not get home for several days?

Office Preparedness:
What would your office staff do if they could not get home from the office for several days?

Click on the links below to view resources such as assembling a supply kit, preparing your business for emergencies and developing a family communications plan.

Business Preparedness

Family Preparedness

General Preparedness

School Preparedness


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